Letter to Ocean Beach

from the members of the O. B. Community Fund

The Ocean Beach Community Fund has completed another successful year, and we want to thank everyone who helped contribute to our efforts. We started with the July 4th parade, then there were wonderful free movies, Kids and Adult Art Shows, Historical Society Exhibits, dock concerts and a great fundraising party at Windswept. As a result of everyone's generosity, we are going to be able to make several recreation initiatives a reality next year (this year we helped start Teenswept and the Adult Game Night)-stay tuned as we work with the Village to get our new spaces furnished and ready for use.
They say it takes a village, and our members see this generosity every day from this community. Many people may not know that we cannot do the things we do without the generous support from many local businesses. So, a big shout out of thanks to all our local restaurants---EVERY RESTAURANT made significant food and beverage contributions to our annual fundraiser, as well as generous gift certificates for the silent auction. Please thank Scott, Jim, Jamie, Jon, Vinnie, Jenn and all the others when you see them. In addition, our local markets: The Pantry, Seaview Market and Ocean Beach Trading made significant contributions during the year. More thanks for all our local merchants who contributed generously to the silent auction with bikes, beach toys, jewelry and more. Even the Ocean Beach Fishing Club sponsored a movie this year! The Palms-Laura and Chris are always more than generous and funded our Art Show this year. Finally a special thank you to the Fire Island Ferry Company for providing the transportation not only for Karin Ward, but all three of our dock concerts and the movie company for our free movies.
We are beyond grateful for the support, the individual contributions from families and your participation in helping us create a real sense of community in Ocean Beach and its neighbors to the East and West. There is a final dock concert this weekend, the Historical Society retrospective on the Woodhull School at 100; and we have already started planning events and activities for next year. This all happens through the generous time commitment of our volunteers—who take time away from family and friends to give back to our community. A lot of planning happens in the off-season so they can also enjoy their special place during the summer months. Enjoy our wonderful weather through the remainder of the season and we'll see you on the beach. If you would like to get more involved please reach our through our website at www.oceanbeachcommunityfund.com

Holly Etlin